Centipede Cake

One of the best things about this centipede cake is that everybody at the party gets a leg! This creeptastic creation of a truly enormous centipede is ideal for any bug fan. If your child is into creepy crawlies, or just likes gruesome, creepy stuff, then this cake will certainly tickle their fancy. And with all those legs, that’s a lot of tickling.

You’ll be pleased to know that inside this centipede is not slimy, gooey guts, but a rather delicious choice of either chocolate or vanilla cake. We can also make this centipede birthday cake in a range of sizes, depending upon how many legs your party has.

This enormous creepy crawly appears to be working his way across the ground, and is surrounded by two or three rather scary looking spiders. Although in comparison to the size of the centipede, the spiders don’t look like much more than a small snack.

If your child is into wildlife, nature, creepy crawlies or all things gooey and gruesome, this centipede cake is ideal. We’ll deliver him on a Friday, but it’s up to you to make sure he doesn’t crawl off to explore the party.

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