Snake Cake

Trusssssst in me when I say that this is without question a serpentine cake with extra bite. This snake cake is perfect for any young fan of snakes, reptiles or dangerous animals. If they enjoy watching programmes like Deadly 60, then they’ll almost certainly love the idea of having a very realistic looking snake birthday cake.

As far as the pattern and colours are concerned, if you wish we can adjust these, but we rather like the bright orange stripes along this cream-coloured snake that definitely give the impression of a warning. Curled up into a spiral, this snake is definitely keeping his beady little black eyes on you, and if you look carefully you’ll see his forked tongue sticking out, tasting the air.

Talking of tasting, this particular snake cake is made of either chocolate or vanilla sponge, and the only things constricting will be your children stomachs after they’ve devoured this slithery beast.

Available in three different lengths, sorry, I mean sizes, serving from between 15 to 60 people, we can personalise this cake with a message of your choice written around hisssssss tail.

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Snake Cake

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