Guinea Pig Birthday Cake

If your child has a pet guinea pig, or is a fan of small furry animals, this guinea pig cake is unsqueakably good. Perhaps your child is a fan of the Humphrey series of books, detailing the adventures of Humphrey the hamster, a classroom pet who knows a lot more than anyone realises. This guinea pig birthday cake could very well pass for Humphrey too, especially as he has lovely golden fur.

This particular guinea pig looks extremely soft and furry, and we love his cute little paws just sticking out from underneath all those cuddles. His dear little expression and bright black eyes make him almost too sweet to eat. However, we recommend that you do, because the chocolate or vanilla sponge underneath all that fur is absolutely delicious.

If your child does have a pet hamster or guinea pig, might we recommend that perhaps you cut the cake out of sight of any such pets, just in case they get worried! This is a really cute cake, with a lovely expression which your child will love.

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