Sleeping Pony Cake

Is your child a fan of horses or ponies? If so then this gorgeous napping pony cake is just ready to trot its way all the way to their party.

Curled up on what looks like a very comfortable bed of grass, this black or dark brown pony is curled up ready for a good rest, perhaps after a day galloping through the fields and woods. His soft looking tail is curled up over his hind leg, and his large doleful eyes are looking straight at you. He looks like a very friendly pony or horse, and will definitely be adored by any young fan of horses.

If your child is having a horse or pony themed birthday party, or an animal themed party, then this cake will go down extremely well. You’ll be pleased to know that it’s not in fact made of hay, but either chocolate or vanilla sponge. He is ready to gallop his way to your child’s party, and is particularly looking forward to playing pin the tail on the donkey.

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Sleeping Pony Cake

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