101 Things to do with Stickers

Published : 05/08/2009 18:24:53
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Childrens Parties can be great fun, and from the invitations to the presents you can include a lot of stickers in the festivities. Kids love to put stickers on everything from windows to cards, so channel their sticking energy and enlist their help with some fantastic sticker party invitations. Don't forget to finish off the outer seal of the envelope with a sticker.

Of course, you can add a little something to your party supplies with a few stickers. Special stickers can be placed on the outside of your party food boxes you can dress them up or make them especially for your guests with personalized names. You and your kids can decorate the party cups as well. Adding a sticker to a party balloon can make it extra personal.

Stickers have come a long way since they first appeared on the scene. While there are still the scratch n sniff and smiley faces, the new and improved sticker is everything from classy to silly and all that fits in between. You can get stickers that are larger than your head and stickers that are smaller than your pinky nail. Your options are limitless and what you choose to do with them is often limitless as well.

The sticker revolution is all about fun and making your party special. You might not have every party idea or party game figured out, but give a kid a sticker and something to decorate and they will be off in a flash creating something new and personal. Kids are creative with stickers, love the fun of sticking them to everything, and can help create all kinds of unique and personal party supplies, party bags, party balloons, and party ware in a flash. Besides, even as an adult you have to admit even you find it fun to slap a sticker decoration on your party goods.

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