101 Things to Do with Table Confetti

Published : 23/07/2009 22:37:37
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Table confetti is a fun and often decorative asset to any party. If you have a party theme, there is nothing wrong with sticking a little table confetti into the party invitations that match your theme. You can use champagne table confetti for parties like graduation, weddings, anniversaries, and even adult birthdays. You can use some more simple star or heart table confetti in order to produce a nice child’s, love, or specialized party theme.

Of course, one can’t overlook the creative uses for table confetti for your actual party. Decorating candle holders, jars, or even the gift bags with table confetti can bring your party theme out to the forefront. Just add in a few party balloons to bring your theme full circle.

Many people choose to use table confetti as a decorative accent along the tables, along the mantle, or alongside other party decorations. It’s a great way to lead people to the restroom. Simply sprinkle some table confetti on the floor that leads up the stairs to the bathroom or create an interesting path to the downstairs restroom. That way, should someone ask all you have to say is, “Follow the confetti.”

Table confetti can be blended with glitter when you are creating your party décor. Decorate cheap bottles of wine with glitter and sparkling table confetti for an unusual table centrepiece,

Get the kids involved. Even if you are not throwing a kid’s party, table confetti can be used as dress up for everyday things, which the kids will happily decorate for you. There are truly unlimited uses for table confetti, which means the more you open up to your own creativity, the more you are likely to wow your guests with some fancy and unique party décor.

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