12 Of Our Favourite Modelling Balloon Sculptures

Published : 16/07/2012 09:45:56
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Modelling balloons can be great fun, and in the right hands they can be used to create the most amazing sculptures and artwork. Children love modelling balloons, seeing something they can hold and play with created from absolutely nothing right in front of their eyes.

It doesn't have to be anything particularly clever. Children are delighted with modelling balloons being turned into things such as pirate swords, laser guns, flowers, dogs and hats. But of course sometimes people go that little bit further, creating balloon model sculptures designed not simply to be played with for a few minutes before it goes pop, but admired as something truly clever.

If you have ever tried creating a small poodle, or even a snake, using modelling balloons then you will probably have as much respect as we do for the following 12 modelling balloon sculptures. If you've never tried using modelling balloons before then might we suggest you give it a go? We sell modelling balloons on our site, complete with the balloon pump that is certainly necessary for inflating them.

We are shortly going to be publishing a series of easy to follow tutorials on creating some simple modelling balloon creations on this blog, so if you're interested at all make sure you bookmark this site, and check back soon. We recently published a blog post highlighting some of our favourite pinatas which have been created around the world.

Today we want to share with you twelve of the most amazing and amusing modelling balloon creations we have come across. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do, although we must point out that our forthcoming modelling balloon tutorials will not be providing an easy step-by-step guide to creating any of these!  

1. The Dinosaur

The Dinosaur This looks more like something you would see at the British Museum, and is pretty close to being full size. It's an amazing creation, and anatomically pretty accurate as well. There's no denying that any child seeing this is going to be simultaneously awed, and scared! We think that the teeth are particularly clever, since it's not easy to make a balloon look sharp!  

2. The Aeroplane

The Aeroplane We know that flights are now becoming much cheaper, but I think we'd probably think twice about saving a few extra pounds on our airline ticket if this turned up to take us on our holiday. This is another amazing and ingenious creation, and it's almost full-size. It's important to remember that when creating this sort of sculpture there is no guide, no manual and no instructions. The creativity is breathtaking.  

3. The Tropical Island

The Tropical Island This was created in a shopping centre, as you can probably tell, and certainly livened it up quite considerably. This is supposed to be a tropical island, but the balloon sculpture was just created as a sort of front wall for the green mat sitting behind it. The flowers are beautiful, but our favourite bit is the wonderful modelling balloon palm tree at the back. The only thing that worries us is whether it is just our obsession with chocolate that makes us think of Maltesers when we look at that palm tree.  

4. The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa You can tell what this is supposed to be straightaway, can't you? It just shows that it doesn't have to take very many balloons to be able to create something really clever. Modelling balloons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and this clearly demonstrates how modelling balloons of different shapes, sizes and colours can be combined to create something brilliant. There is one element of this picture we find particularly amusing, but we'll leave it up to you to decide what made us laugh!  

5. The Dragon

The Dragon This is an amazing creation, using hundreds of very small modelling balloons. We think one of the best things about this is the use of colour. The different shades of green really help to create depth and texture, and those pink and purple balloons just help pick out the gold and give it life. This creation stands about 9 feet tall, and almost certainly took a worryingly long time to create. What a fantastic display though for the Knitting Needle Juggling Society's annual meeting.  

6. The Magician

The Magician Not the most enormous modelling balloon sculpture, but it certainly made us chuckle. Did you see the little white bunnies on the bottom? That's about most people's standard! This is a great display for a children's party, and includes a great deal of detail. Again, it's important to remember that when creating sculptures like this there is no picture to copy from, and no guide to help you go through it step-by-step. The originality and creativity of balloon modelling sculptures really needs to be appreciated.  

7. The Fashion Dress

The Fashion Dress Who said modelling balloons were just for children? This amazing dress is entirely made out of modelling balloons, but at first glance could very easily pass for being a top fashion dress worn by a model on a New York or Parisian catwalk. Exactly how you get into a dress like that we're not sure. It sets our teeth on edge just thinking about all the squeaking that would have gone on. It's also probably advisable to make sure that the model you choose for wearing such address is not terribly keen on having long fingernails.  

8. Dory, From 'Finding Nemo'

Dory, From 'Finding Nemo' Dory was always one of our favourite characters, the hilariously forgetful fish from the popular children's film, Finding Nemo. This character of course was the one voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, and is one of the most recognisable characters from the film. This is an incredibly accurate rendition of the fish, and it's easy to forget the detail involved in creating the sculpture. The eyes are absolutely perfect, and it's easy to imagine this balloon model swimming off at any moment.  

9. The, Erm, Thing

The, Erm, Thing We have no idea what this is supposed to be. Perhaps something which lives deep in the sea. It certainly looks organic, but frankly we're not worried about what it's supposed to be. It's an incredibly clever structure. If you notice there are what looks like red ribbons hanging from it. Those are actually simply modelling balloons that haven't been inflated. Who says modelling balloons have to be blown up to be incorporated into a balloon structure? For anyone struggling to inflate a modelling balloon, that sounds like an opportunity!  

10. The Locomotive

The Locomotive Perhaps this could be the Hogwarts Express, but it's certainly an amazing structure. This locomotive is very nearly full-size, but whether it was created for children of the rather happy chap standing in front of it we're not sure. Certainly this would be a brilliant centrepiece for a train spotters meeting. To be honest, there's more possibility of this training being on time than the 8:32 from Luton.  

11. The Underwater Scene

The Underwater Scene Now if there's one balloon structure almost anyone can create it's that seaweed! Simply blow up a whole mixture of different greens, wiggle and bend them a bit, and then stick them all in a tub. Of course the hard bit is making everything else. We love this underwater scene, and it's amazing how that treasure chest really does look as though rich treasures and jewels are pouring out of it. It's hard to imagine that it's really just balloons and nothing else.  

12. The Motorbike

The Motorbike Motorbikes don't currently have airbags, so here's a safe alternative! At least there is no risk of ever being caught on a speed camera with this motorbike. This is a great balloon model, and we particularly like the way the spring just above the back wheel has been created by wrapping uninflated balloons around an inflated one.   We're not sure whether this gallery will inspire you to head off, pick up a pack of modelling balloons and start creating something mesmerizingly ingenious, or whether you're more inclined to just make a cup of tea and let other people get on with it. Either way we hope you enjoyed these balloon model structures as much as we do, and that you'll come back and check out our balloon model tutorials coming very shortly.

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