13th Birthday party tips

Published : 06/11/2008 13:50:41
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

If you are headed to the shop to buy party supplies for a 13th party, be aware that this will not be like any other birthday shopping occasion. For starters, this is probably the first year in which your child will not want to have a theme for their party.

For once you can actually buy plain birthday party supplies, or at least one solid colour collection. You also can probably skip on the streamers and other wall decorations, although you may still pick up a few balloons and a banner for you, because otherwise it may not feel like your child's birthday!

You'll also be faced with a challenge when purchasing the birthday party supplies for the food that you plan to serve the children. Now that your child has reached the teenage years, you are going to find yourself with an interesting problem. The teen males will want to eat everything in site as they are growing boys, and the girls most likely will stick by the vegetable tray since for the first year they are worried about growing fat.

Thus the only true safety purchase will probably be the cake, since birthday cake never seems to get old. Another interesting supply you can cross off your birthday party supplies list is the party bags, because no self-respecting teenager will allow their parents to pass out goodie bags anymore.   Also, as a heads up to parents, it may be easier to plan a birthday party for a teenager at the cinema, bowling alley, or ice skating rink. Even a restaurant may be a suitable choice, because your teenager will not want your presence in the home and traditional children's party games are not going to keep the guests occupied.   Thus, unless you want them to start experimenting with spin the bottle, you are probably better off giving the party a pre-structured form of entertainment instead of letting their hormone driven minds get creative!

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