16th Birthday Spa Party

Published : 26/03/2009 19:27:53
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Is your little girl becoming a young lady? If she is good luck! Whatever you do for the next few years may never be enough but what will always bring a smile to your little darlings face and maybe a smile to her lips is a day at the spa. Make it a birthday gift and invite her best friends along for the day. Let your budget decide how many friends to invite and vary the cost accordingly.   A full day at an upper end spa with massage, hair, nails and makeup, is pretty costly and if four or five girls are involved, the party will put a large dent in your wallet. But if you have the wherewithal to make it happen your little girl and her friends will be talking about it for weeks and you will be her hero.

Not to worry! If the pricey nature of the full day spa party is out of reach you can modify the experience to fit, and quite frankly, get the same response from the girls. Eliminating the hairdos will cut the cost by more than half and you eliminate the need for the other girls parents to agree to the hair thing. Even so, having make up and nails, is still a pretty nifty afternoon for a young lady and her friends. If she likes the birthday gift you can always save the full on treatment for her 21st.

Oh and don't forget, birthday cakes maybe a bit of a no no from a healthy eating, weight conscious perspective but you can be sure that on her 16th birthday, your little girl is going to want  one – and a big spectacular one at that!

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24/02/2010 08:11:32

Hi, I like the spa party idea. Next month, we have my daughters 12th birthday party. I am going to organize a spa birthday party... Amazing idea. Thanks

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