18th Birthday Party

Published : 04/01/2009 14:00:01
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

A milestone that simply has to be marked by a celebration is the coming of age for your teenager. Although at the age of 18 they have legally hit the age which enables them to go out and party on the town with their friends, the desire to wrap them in cotton wool as a parent often takes control! There's nothing wrong with that of course, and they are still a tender age. A great idea would be to hold an 18th birthday party for you teenagers coming of age at home.

It's a great way to ensure that you're newly born teenage adults actions can be monitored discreetly whilst they still enjoy themselves. Most 18 year olds are at the point where they would like to mark the occasion with a bottle of bubbly and a few glasses of alcohol of some discription so as the protective parent, although this idea is something that you may not welcome its better done under your own roof. 

A simple trip down to the off licence to purchase some alcopops and a bottle of champagne will be sure to get some brownie points with your young adult. At this point the age old party game may be a little farfetched and not something that will be welcomed by your 18 year old, so perhaps a great dance mix cd? Lets face it they're going to play their own tunes so best not even go anywhere near this one unless you're offering to pay foor a D.J for the evening! A simple birthday cake, a few party supplies, a camera to capture the event, a bottle of bubbly cracked open and the 18th birthday party will be a huge success.

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