1st birthday Party

Published : 27/02/2009 14:34:28
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Nothing is quite as special as your child's first birthday. And it doesn't take much to make this special day something that you'll never forget. I was looking for something more than just the usual 1st birthday, run of the mill, decorations and party supplies and I was overwhelmed with all of the options that were available. You can get great party supplies like invitations, plates and cups, all which match with an adorable theme.

I was looking over the extras and would have never thought about getting a 1st birthday cup just for my special little guy. And of course one of the cutest parts is to get him or her their own little cake so that they can pulverize it, just make sure there's a large bib around to soak up the mess. Make sure you have a huge collection of number one balloons to decorate with, since I don't know a kid alive that doesn't get a thrill out of playing with balloons...

There are so many 1st Birthday Party Ideas out there that I wouldn't have even thought about, like buying a time capsule and burrying it in the garden with snaps and memorabilia from the day including little notes and good wishes for his future. There are so many great ideas, I found myself wishing that there was more than one chance to celebrate my little boy's 1st birthday.

Its quiet a trial to put on a party, especially for little kids. If you can find most of what you need in  one place, including ideas for party games and such like, it really does take a lot of the hassle out of planning leaving you a bit more time to enjoy this special 1st birthday with your baby.

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