3..2..1..Blast Off! Create A Space Party That's Out Of This World

Published : 27/08/2012 15:18:56
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Neil ArmstrongIt was very sad at the weekend to hear about the death of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon. Like many of you I grew up familiar with his name, and all that it stood for in terms of exploration, discovery and the magnificence of space and all its potential. Although it is now many decades since anyone walked on the moon, the magic and mystery of space still holds children spellbound, and in fact we know many children regularly ask for a space themed birthday party.

Neil Armstrong's family asked that people remember him by looking up at the moon once in a while and thinking of him, and we think it's important to get children outside at night and let them wonder at the sheer vastness of the small corner of the universe we occupy. If you live in a city then it can sometimes be easy to forget to look up at night - blinded by the amber phosphorescence of the city's streetlights, but we think that every once in a while everyone, adult or child, should head out to the country at night and just look up. For children who are fascinated by it all creating a space themed birthday party can be great fun, and to help you decorate for such an event we have a few top tips for making sure your child's space party 'takes off'! First of all, we suggest using one or two of our starry night room rolls.

These are 12.2 metre long rolls, each 1.2 metres tall, which can easily be cut and fixed to the walls, doors and windows of a room to quickly transform it into the scene of your choice. Our starry night scene is a riot of twinkling stars guaranteed to turn any room into a galaxy of wonder! Next, grab a black plastic tablecover and use this to cover the table where the children will be eating their food. We recommend using black plates, napkins and cups, and then decorating the whole table with silver star table confetti. These are metallic stars which will catch the light and twinkle beautifully, really showing up against the black tablecover.

If you're able to shut out the light by drawing the curtains or even taping black paper over them (why not buy an extra black tablecover and use this?) then our glow in the dark stars and planets are fantastic. Stick them on the ceiling or on the walls and they'll look fantastic. Afterwards your child might even enjoy having them stuck all over his or her bedroom ceiling, giving them something magical to watch after lights out at bedtime. If you have a look at a blog post we wrote a couple of days ago you can find out how to create fantastic blob lights, and by using yellow balloons or white balloons you can create the illusion of suns and twinkling stars all over the place.

As well as decorating the room for a space themed party you can also try theming some of the party games too. If you're feeling creative you can easily create a planet pinata - just blow up a balloon, cover it with paper mache and then paint it to look like your very own planet. Games such as pin the tail on the donkey could become pin the flag on the moon, or pin the helmet on the astronaut.

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