3 Tips For Children's Birthday Cakes

Published : 15/05/2015 13:40:58
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We sell all your army themed party items, from invites to plates, balloons to gift bag toys.It’s pretty inevitable that every single year, without fail, your child has yet another birthday.

Which can mean only one thing – yet another birthday cake.

Children and cakes go together as perfectly as, well, children and grey hairs, and a birthday cake is an essential ingredient in any birthday party. The problem is though that the creation of the cake can lead to the parent feeling as though they’d had about eight more birthdays themselves. So here are three top tips for taking the stress out of planning and making your child’s birthday cake:

  1. Treat it like a military campaign. This means planning. Never leave the cake making until the last minute. Many parents do, thinking that if they bake the cake too soon it will start to dry out and go stale. This may be true in part, but there’s a secret you must use if you’re to get through this with most of your sanity in check – use the freezer. You can bake the cake weeks in advance, and then freeze it. You can even make the buttercream icing in advance too, and freeze that. Plan your cake making over a period of weeks, not days (or hours!). Plan, prepare, and timetable.
  2. Stick to what you know. Most of us have that familiar ‘go to’ recipe for a quick and easy cake. Use it. Birthday cakes should not involve any gambles or experiments. Make the cake you know will work.
  3. Use fairies. Sadly, not to make the cake, but by making fairy cakes you can add detail and interest without going over the top with the main cake itself. Bake a cake, ice it, stick something on top, and then make a batch of fairy cakes, with each one decorated to match the main cake. This also means no cutting and bagging at the party.

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