31 Days Till Autumn - But One More Summer Bank Holiday To Go

Published : 21/08/2012 14:59:54
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Check out our tropical themed party decorations and suppliesWell, it seems summer has started to creep out of the dark and provide us with the occasional good day, and in turn we have timidly peered out at the weather and, on occasions, hurriedly thrown a picnic together and dashed out of the house to enjoy a half hour or so of summer. The usual thing. But of course the good weather is really only here now because of two things: the kids go back to school very soon now, and it's only 31 days until the official start of autumn.

Sorry if that made you dribble a bit of tea in astonishment, but sadly, it is true. But there is still one more Bank Holiday to go before the kids go back and the summer is over, so why not make the most of it, and start planning a good old summer party? Grab a cheerful yellow tablecover or yellow banquet roll, throw on some gold star confetti or palm trees table confetti, and enjoy one more outdoor garden party before the shops throw up the Christmas lights and decorations and roll out their Santa displays. Because you know that's only days away now.

If you really want to make the most of your Bank Holiday summer party then you could always think about either flying your family and friends to an exotic little paradise island somewhere or, if cash is a little too tight for that, invest in some paradise island scene setters. These are large cardboard cutouts of things such as hula girls and palm trees which can be attached to fences and walls, or if you're having your party inside then a palm tree room roll is ideal - just attach it to the walls using sticky tack or pins, and you can turn even the most mundane of rooms into a summer paradise. We like using bright, contrasting colours on tables, which is why we suggest a yellow tablecover and then throwing some brightly coloured table confetti on it. Don't forget the plastic glasses, and of course one of the most essential party accessories for the summer- cocktail umbrellas! Here's to the summer!

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