4 Ways To Use Up Leftover Birthday Cake

Published : 05/05/2016 20:54:52
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One of the questions we are often asked here at Parteaz is what are the best ways to use up leftover birthday cake.

What is this craziness we speak of I hear you say? Leftover cake? Who on Earth has left over cake!

Well with parties being as busy as they are, somewhere between the drinks flowing and conversations rolling the cake can, once cut, get a little lost amongst the hubbub of the evening.

You put so much effort into choosing a cake, and quite rightly so as it’s the centrepiece of most birthday celebrations. However, after the candles have been blown out and it goes away to be cut, it can sometimes sadly get cast aside as the dancing and party games take over.

So if you find yourself with cake to spare after a party we are here to help with our top 4 ways to use up leftover birthday cake.

Birthday Chocolate Milkshake

Thick shakes are a great way to use up your leftover cake while having a little fun experimenting with flavours.

Try mixing 4 cups of ice cream and 1 cup of milk with around 250g of chocolate cake in a blender for a thick smooth shake. A few drops of mint flavouring adds a fun twist, and for the grown ups a shot of espresso or coffee liqueur works wonderfully.

Cake Balls

Turn your leftover cake into bite-sized sweet treats, perfect for giving as gifts to friends, with this simple yet effective leftovers recipe.

Crumble your leftover cake into a large mixing bowl and combine with your icing (made as per the packet instructions) until it resembles a dough like substance. Roll into marble-sized balls and place on greaseproof paper before freezing for 2 hours.  Once removed from the freezer prick each ball with a toothpick and dip into the melted chocolate before replacing on onto the greaseproof paper to set.

Lemon Parfaits

This cheats version of the classic lemon parfaits uses left over vanilla sponge, lemon curd and whipped cream.

Cut your leftover over cake in 3cm thick slices and then, using the rim of the glass you will be assembling your parfaits in, cut out three circles of cake per portion.

To assemble your dish, layer slices of cake with lemon curd and whipped cream until the glass is full and chill for an hour. To serve, top with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and a teaspoon of crumbled cake

Crunchy Fruit Salad

If you wish to add a slightly healthy slant to your leftover cake then this crunchy fruit salad is the recipe for you.

Blitz your leftover cake (with the icing removed) in the food processor to create a breadcrumb like texture. Make a bowl of fresh fruit salad using fruit of your choice, top with your cake crumbs and serve with a dollop of crème fraiche.

All of our cakes stay fresh for a week after delivery, so you will have plenty of time to try out these fun ideas – that’s if you don’t eat all the cake at the party though!

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