45 Million Years To Prepare For The Biggest 100th Birthday Party!

Published : 02/08/2010 15:34:34
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Are you looking forward to your 100th birthday? According to The Centenarian website not only are more of us likely to see our 100th birthday, but centenarians are the fastest growing age category in the world! Statistics reveal that there are approximately 450,000 people over the age of 100 alive today.

That's a staggering total of 45 million years of life experience wandering about! Put all of the centenarians together, and not only would you have one heck of a 100th birthday party, (although you'd need to think carefully about any sudden surprises such as dancing girls leaping from cakes), you would actually have enough life experience to stretch most of the way back to the age of the dinosaurs! 45 million years ago the North Pole was a tropical paradise - we really are talking about a staggering amount of time.

By 2031 it's estimated that there will be around 40,000 of us in the UK requiring an extra digit space on forms asking for our age, and in 2050 over a million centenarians in the US alone. But of course although being invited along to a hundredth birthday party is a brilliant thing - it does pose one very serious problem. What do you buy for someone who's had a century in which to buy all the things they want? After all, 100 birthdays adds up to a lot of presents. You don't hear too many centenarians complaining that they never had time to go and get something they wanted. Time is what they have had plenty of. If only we're so lucky.

But celebrating a 100th birthday provides a great opportunity to really make a real fuss, because even though it's becoming an increasingly common event, it's still hugely special. We can help you get your hundredth birthday party off the ground with our cheerful 100th birthday balloon gift, or perhaps our 9 foot 100th birthday party banner which is certain to get noticed!

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