5 Things People Forget To Include On Kids' Party Invitations

Published : 08/03/2012 21:08:52
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Discover our wide range of party invitationsHanding out party invitations to your child's friends is often seen as one of the smaller and easier tasks involved in planning their birthday party. But in fact it's very easy to mess things up at this stage, and there are a few commonly made mistakes when it comes to filling them in. Yes, many children's invitations have forms printed on them with spaces to include all of the relevant information, but you'd be surprised at just how many times you find a great invitation that's missing a section you need. Relying on these printed forms and spaces can be deadly, as it's very easy to overlook something important that's relevant to your child's party. So here in no particular order are a few pointers for making sure you fill your child's party invitations in correctly.

1. Include your child's name.

Often a party invitation will have a space for this, but not always. Children get many invitations to parties when they're young, and it's very easy to get them confused. If you see an invitation for a party in a week's time, and you can't remember whose party it is, you either have an embarrassing phone call to make or you end up trying to choose a present and card without being too sure who they're for, risking their suitability. Including your child's name helps all round, but don't forget to include their surname too if their name is fairly common, like Jack.

2. Include an RSVP request, and at least one method of getting in touch.

If you don't include an RSVP request then not everyone will bother to reply. In fact even when you do include a request for people to reply to confirm, not everyone does. Make sure though that you include a convenient way for people to confirm, and sometimes two methods is ideal. Obviously one should be your phone number if possible (including the dialling code in some cases), but it's also worth including either a postal address or email address too. Make it easy for people to reply, and they'll be more likely to remember!

3. Include both the start time and the finish time.

Usually you'll remember to include the start time, but not everyone includes an end time. This is important, because if you don't then people may either turn up too early to collect their child, or they may not turn up until you're getting ready for bed yourself!

4. If it's fancy dress, include this information.

Most pre-printed party invitations don't include this information, simply because not everyone has a fancy dress party. However, if your child is having a fancy dress party then it's worth including this fact on the invitation so that people have plenty of time to get prepared.

5. Party location.

Make sure you're clear about this. If there's a village hall and a church hall, make sure everyone knows which one it is, and if it's at your home, include the full address, including the postal code. Including the postal code is helpful if people are using sat-navs to find where you live. Is there anything you think we've missed? Let us know using the comments box below.

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