5 Winning Casino Party Ideas, Including Casino Cakes!

Published : 20/08/2015 15:55:19
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A roulette wheel and cards cake that's perfect for any casino night, with a highly detailed roulette wheel complete with chips and cards on a green base.

Does a casino themed party sound like a winning idea? If so, then we have a few 'insider tips' for you, including some casino themed cakes that are certain to get everybody declaring that they're at the table, eyes down.

They say that at every gambling table, whatever the game, there's always one sucker. A neat trick is to have a good, careful look at everyone at the table. If you can't spot who the sucker is, then it’s you, so leave!

But of course gambling, in moderation, can be great fun, and these days casino themed parties are more popular than ever, with people either buying a variety of casino games, including roulette wheels and poker tables, or even hiring them for the night.

It’s a great chance to dress up, and have some fun with friends and family, perhaps even winning more than you came with. Of course, you can always sweeten the deal with a slice or two of one of our casino birthday cakes, which may even distract those whose money is now sitting in front of someone else!

Whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary or some other occasion that you feel a casino theme fits well, then one of the first things to think about are the invitations. A cool idea is to create invitations that look like poker chips! If you're handy on a computer, just find an image of a poker chip, and then add the text. Depending upon your skills you may even be able to curve the text around the edge of the chip. Of course, you can also buy party invitations with a casino theme if you don't feel up to the task (or just use plain red/black invitations).

As we mentioned, you can buy items such as roulette wheels, or just hire them. You don't necessarily need a roulette table or a poker table, you can easily buy table covers that you can just place on your dining table, instantly transforming it.

It helps if you have some idea of the games in advance of course, and here the internet is hugely helpful, with a whole heap of videos and tutorials introducing you to everything from baccarat to craps, Texas Hold'em poker to the traditional roulette wheel and Blackjack. If you only have a few guests then you may just want one or two games. It's best to have some variety as not everyone will feel as confident with some games, and if someone's losing at a game it can be fun to know that there's a choice, or a change of game later in the evening.

As far as food is concerned, you could try theming this to things such as the colours red and black, dice, and even playing cards, although this could be a challenge. Instead, why not simply have a table with red and black table covers, with red and black napkins scattered between red and black plates with the food on. Sprinkle a few dice and playing cards between the plates and you have a pretty impressive food display that's perfect for any casino themed party.

Perfect, of course, with just one exception. No casino party would be complete without an eye catching centrepiece. Every casino has a centre piece, something to draw the eye and impress the crowd, and for your table we have the perfect solution. We have a number of fantastic casino themed birthday cakes which can be customised and personalised however you wish. They are all handmade, delivered directly to your door (or party venue). From a roulette wheel and cards cake to a playing cards cake, these will certainly complete your food display, and make sure that even those who lose all their chips will go away feeling like a winner with some of our delicious casino cake!

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