55 Today? Have A Happy Birthday, Without Advertisements

Published : 22/09/2010 14:54:04
Categories : Party Nostalgia , Party Themes and Occasions

Are you celebrating your 55th birthday today? If so, then happy birthday and congratulations from all of us! You probably already know this, but if your birthday is today, 22nd of September, then you share it with ITV. Back in 1955 ITV first began broadcasting, and at that time only six minutes of advertisements were allowed within each hour.#

Fast forward 55 years and it seems almost as though it's been reversed, with only six minutes of actual television allowed between each hour's worth of advertisements. Not only that, but back in the halcyon days of 1955 no Sunday morning television was allowed!

But if you are considering having a party for your 55th birthday, perhaps we could suggest a song for you to play? 19 years ago in 1991 Bryan Adams made chart history when his song "Everything I Do, I Do It For You", reached its 12th consecutive week as the UK's number one. So pop on the television, enjoy the adverts, and listen to Bryan Adams. What more could you want for your 55th birthday? At Parteaz.com we offer a wide range of products to help with improving your celebrations a little beyond watching television and listening to 20-year-old music.

From unique, customised birthday cakes to room decorations, gifts and a whole range of products to get the party underway, you can rely on us, because "everything we do, we do it for you!" If you think that was probably one of the corniest lines you've ever read on a blog, why not leave us a comment below? Failure to do so may result in further nauseatingly stretched examples of what we like to think of as our sense of humour. You have been warned!

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