60th Anniversary of the publication of Ian Flemings Diamonds are Forever

Published : 24/03/2016 17:16:25
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Black and White James Bond birthday cake decorated with diamonds, a Martini and a Bond girl

To celebrate the 60th diamond anniversary of the publication of Ian Flemings novel Diamonds are Forever we have come up with our very own tribute to the great man with a sparkling James Bond Diamonds are Forever Cake.

Under the spotlight this diamond edged party centrepiece took 5 hours to make and dress it in all it’s finery, but beware of imitations!

It’s true to say that the “diamonds” used to complete this sparkling affair are no more than Rhine stones and diamantes, but in the right hands of our skilled decorators, I think you will agree, they’ve pulled of a worthy Diamonds are Forever cake tribute, even in the absence of the real thing.

But it’s not only smuggled diamonds that are worth a bob or two these days.

A first edition hard back copy of Diamonds are Forever released on 26th March 1953 will set you back on 23rd March 2016, anything from £600 on ebay (or somewhere close to this figure based on the daily exchange rate against the US dollar, listing price being $850 buy it now) and a tidy £1800.

Rare book specialist Peter Harrington has a copy for sale on their website in it’s original jacket “very faintly rubbed along it’s spine ends” going for a cool £4500.

Next to the listing it reads “Ask us a question”, so I did. Is this a signed copy I asked very much tongue in cheek, “as the price seems a bit hefty in comparison to other copies currently out there on the market”.

They responded "This copy is not signed, but it is in superb condition. The dust jacket is much fresher than it is usually seen, which makes it a more collectable and valuable copy. In addition, this copy also comes with a protective quarter morocco custom made box by The Chelsea Bindery. As you might have seen we have two other copies of the book priced cheaper, at 2,500 and £2,000. The difference is chiefly down to the condition of the dust jacket".

So if the Bond fan in your life is in the market for a treat on his next 50th or 60th birthday and you have a few pennies to spend on him, why not head yourself over to Peter Harringtons. 

1st edition Diamonds are Forever published by Ian Fleming in 1971
Collectable James Bond DVD box set

For film buffs (who’ll openly admit that they would much rather sit down and watch an action packed re run of Sean Connery in the 1971 Diamonds are forever film than sit and read the book) even if it is a 1st edition,  there’s still plenty of reasons to celebrate.

A complete James Bond DVD collection can be purchased for as little as £80 to £150 and a birthday cake made in the image of the box set made by our fabulous cake decorators can be made and personalised just for him.

But if a James Bond Diamonds are forever cake celebrating the 60th Diamond Anniversary of the publication of the book doesn’t float your boat, you’ll be putting out the union jack bunting next year with the 50th anniversary of the release of the film The Spy Who Loved me. For big 50th birthday party celebrations in 2017 how about a bespoke and personalised James Bond cake featuring his amphibious car?

In 2024 it will be the diamond anniversary of the film Gold Finger. (another 8 years years into the future). So for James Bond enthusiasts age 42 today in 2016, a tiered gold leaf extravaganza of a cake (as yet, still to be made and designed by our fabulous cake decorators) this has got to be a cake in waiting for those who really do like to plan ahead.

Sean Connery as James Bond in the 1971 film Diamonds are Forever

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