A 1st birthday girl party theme to the tune of cupcakes

Published : 28/12/2008 08:15:38
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Looking for a unique 1st birthday girl party theme? Why not consider having a cupcake party to celebrate her special day. One of the charms of a cupcake party for a young child is that pretty much every toddler recognizes cupcakes, and pretty much everyone loves them as well! You may want to start by looking at 1st birthday girl party invites that have cupcakes on them, or simply choosing a simple one and writing in the words, "I'm cute as a cupcake, and so are you, I'm turning one, so come have a few". If this doesn't get guests RSVP'ing pretty soon then there's not much that will. For your party decorations, you may consider purchasing first birthday girl helium balloons in typical birthday colours, such as pastel pinks and purples. Since a first birthday party is usually themed with pastel colours anyhow, if you head online for your latex balloons you should not have too much difficulty finding some. Once the children arrive, you can play games such a ring around the cupcake, with the 1st birthday girl as the centre attraction of course, whilst singing little sing-alongs such as "I’m a little cupcake" to the tune of I'm a little teapot. For the table centrepiece, you can purchase flowerpots and decorate with dots and colours to look like giant cupcakes. For your 1st birthday girl party cake, you can either go with a traditional cake, or something a liitle different like a cake shaped in the form of a cupcake. If you are running short on time, you can always purchase a round cake, and then stack cupcakes up on top in tiers, to add a little charm and extravagance to a simple cake! Add 1st birthday girl party supplies to complete your party look.

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