A 1st Birthday Party-Bury a Time Capsule

Published : 06/08/2009 02:55:55
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A 1st birthday party is a very special event for all families. In older cultures as well as some third world cultures, the 1st birthday party represents the mark of survival as the child made it past the tumultuous first year. In current society it is an ear mark of turning from a baby into a toddler, with all the joys and trials that lay ahead.

Representing the 1st birthday party well is every parent or caretaker’s desire. You put a lot of thought into the party balloons, the specialty 1st birthday cake, and the personalized party invitations. You want everything to be perfect and you will want the big day to go off without a hitch. With everything so well thought through, why not create a time capsule that will show your child just how special their 1st birthday was.

A time capsule for your child's 1st birthday party includes everyone's participation. You can request that your guests bring something special, a reminder, of your child’s first year to add to the time capsule. Everyone can place their special memento into the capsule and you can either bury it in the garden before cake or you can place it in a special place in your home if you don’t anticipate living in the same home for the next ten years.

When your child’s 10th birthday (or 15th or 21st) rolls around you already have the big event planned. Digging up a time capsule is a lot of fun. It gives your child a chance to look back at the people that were in their lives and they can see just how much they were loved. Some people place party mementos into the capsule as well, like a deflated party balloon or a party invitation. If there were older children at the party you might have a piece of the piñata or face painting memories.

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