A Birthday Party without the mess at home?

Published : 07/12/2008 08:06:53
Categories : Party Venues

Ok this is a great one to share with those of you who hate having parties because of the mess involved at the end of them! Did you ever have the thought of holding the party at someone else's house? Well it's excellent might I tell you, sounds pretty lazy and you're probably wondering who the hell will allow us to throw a birthday party at their house. The answer is MUM and dad! - yes you will find that the doting grandparents will love to hold a birthday party at their house.

Not only does it bring back the birthday party memories of when you were a child, and they were younger, it also gives the perfect excuse for your mother to get out the recipe book and start baking some homemade party food. Your mum will thoroughly enjoy herself, and your father will be in his element when the kid's arrive at the party. He will be able to take part in all the party games that he misses so much.

Of course you'll need to pay for the party supplies and the party bags but with a bit of luck maybe Mum's baking skills will stretch to the birthday cake as well as those homemade sausage rolls you always loved so much as a Kid.

If you're feeling a tad guilty about the whole thing you could pitch in with clearing up. At least that way you'll feel like when it comes to another birthday party, you might not feel too cheeky asking again!

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