A Black and Gold Party

Published : 28/06/2009 16:47:46
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to attend a Super Bowl party. My colleague Roger was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and his beloved Steelers were playing for their sixth championship. Technically, it was a Super Bowl party, but in reality it was a Black and Gold party. I understand there was another team involved in the game (the Arizona Cardinals) but we were told in no uncertain terms that red and white clothing or items of any kind were strictly forbidden. Blue and white combinations were also frowned upon, as an effort to snub a rival team in Texas.

The entire flat was awash in a sea of black and gold party supplies and decorations. There was a very creative model of the Pittsburgh home stadium that was made out of cheese and crackers. Beer was served in black and gold cans, and was imported specifically for this party. Apparently Pittsburgh has a local brewery that makes a concoction called Iron City Beer. Their cans feature current and former Steelers players. I am told that you have to be raised drinking this brew to be able to fully appreciate it. The Pittsburgh expats were more than happy to drink what the locals did not want.

The most curious item at this party was the Terrible Towel. The Terrible Towel is a black and gold dish towel that, when waved furiously by a lunatic, aligns the forces of nature to create some sort of advantage for the Steelers. Roger explained that the genesis of this mysterious towel goes back over thirty years to a now deceased Steelers radio broadcaster. Apparently no Steelers fan would ever consider not being without their Terrible Towel. More than once I was hit in the head by swirling towels. Fortunately, the Steelers won the game and the legacy of the black and gold was secured for another year. You should have a go at your own black and gold party!

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