A Blog Post With Absolutely No Helpful Advice At All

Published : 12/09/2010 22:00:19
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Throughout this blog I have provided recipes, party tricks, party game ideas, themed game ideas and lots more really helpful advice. Today, just for a change, I'm not going to give you any advice at all. In fact, all I'm going to do is to relates a party joke I heard recently.

Little Elsie had really been looking forward to her birthday party. Her grandmother had spared no expense, with a special caterer, a band, and even a hired clown. Preparations were underway, and all was looking really good. However, just before the party two men turn up looking for a handout. Feeling sorry for, Elsie's grandmother explains that there are some logs at the back of the garden which need chopping for firewood, and so gratefully the two guys head off to get started. As the party approaches, Elsie's grandmother gets a call from the clown to apologise, and to explain that he is stuck in traffic and may not be able to make the party.

Else is grandmother is disappointed, and tries hard to entertain the children herself, but not terribly successfully. Looking up, she glances out of the window and sees one of the guys doing fantastic cartwheels across the lawn. As she watches in awe, he swings from tree branches, flips across the lawn and leaps high into the air. Running out into the garden, Elsie's mother approaches the other guy and says, "What your friend is doing is fantastic, do you think that he would consider doing that again for the children at the party?" The guy says, "I dunno, let me ask him..." Turning to his friend he calls out, "Derek - for £50 would you chop off a another toe?"

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