A camping party for the kids

Published : 08/02/2009 18:51:13
Categories : Seasonal Parties

A summertime camping party for the kids may seem a far cry away at the moment with the current weather conditions. However if your child has a birthday that falls in the summer, a great idea would be to hold a camping party. There's no need to worry about the safety issues, as this is one camping trip that won't make it past the back garden. You may think that only boys love this idea but it’s also a great adventure for the girls too.

This camping party won't need much planning; most of you will have a tent stuck away there in the garden shed. You need to hunt out the tent, dust off the cobwebs and put it up a few nights before the party to air out. A barbeque for the night of the camping party will go down a treat, good old sausages served in bread with fried onions and tomato ketchup, chips and burgers will leave the party guest's content and hunger free.

As the night time approaches the kids will be able to snuggle down in the tent, complete with torches and sleeping bags. Party bags complete with glow bracelets for the children will double up as midnight feast treats, and the following morning breakfast in the garden will be the perfect way to start the day and be the finale to your camping party extravaganza.

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