Another Candle Party

Published : 01/03/2009 17:11:57
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Sometimes I think my wifes friends and sisters have her number. Every so often one of them will throw a party, and invite her. The ulterior motive of the party is to sell her something. They get together, have a couple glasses of wine, and trot out the merchandise. Sometimes it's cooking utensils. Sometimes it's hand crafted wicker baskets (that are beautiful and functional!). Sometimes it's something else that I would never have imagined even existed on the earth.

This time, it's candles. My wife was invited to this Candle Party for one reason-she has a track record. Okay, maybe her sister really does enjoy her company too, but the cynic in me only sees the pitch, and the corresponding bill. Really now candles - that are so special they can only be purchased after drinking alcohol? Obviously they are not birthday candles!

I know I am being too harsh, too jaded. My wife believes that if I was invited to a tool party with a bunch of guys, and we could sit around and watch football, drink beer, and smoke cigars that I would come home with some new kind of pliers or a wrench that could only be purchased at the party. In all honesty, she may be right. But at least a tool that I hypothetically would purchase under the influence of football, cigars, and beer would be useful. I could fix something with it. What are you going to fix with a candle?

A screwdriver I could put away in my tool chest, and find it when I need it. A candle sits out, taking up space, gathering dust, until she decides it's time to light it. What makes it time to light? When she's going to talk to her sister again, and tell her how much she enjoyed the latest candle party - give me strength...

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