A Casino Party Evening

Published : 10/12/2008 10:13:11
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

A great party idea to throw for adults would be a casino party; as extravagant as it may sound it really needn't break the bank arranging this event. Prepare your front room, as your imaginary casino, designate a table for the games to take place and decorate it by sprinkling on some gold and silver star confetti. Buy a few dozen packets of chocolate coins, and get a stack of monopoly money ready as back up for when the guests get peckish. You can nip down to the local newsagents and buy a few 1 pound lottery scratch cards for prizes (although if the guests win any big cash prizes courtesy of Camelot don’t begrudge them!). Decorate the room with a starry night room setter behind your gaming area and a lush red shimmer door curtain at the entrance to your lounge for instant theming.

Packets of cards, a few dice and an imaginative mind can carry off the rest of the night. Your guests will simply love the casino party as there's not a lot to be lost from the night. It’s a risk free gambling evening, although if a few of you are good at cards perhaps a few quid could be thrown in as prize money. Keeping the alcohol flowing will keep the atmosphere relaxed, and the only snacks that need conjuring up at this party event are sandwiches and cocktail sticks. As this event is a party for adults, there most certainly won't be a need to send the guests home with party bags.

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