A Children's Fancy Dress Party

Published : 03/01/2000 13:55:09
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

So you have a birthday coming up? No matter what your age a fancy dress party could be very fitting to the occasion. For instance if you have a child that's under the age of 5 the kid's could all dress as characters from popular cartoon shows on daytime TV and a childrens novelty cake that's fitting to the occasion can be presented to the birthday girl or boy. Costumes are an excellent way to spice up any party and a competition can be held for the best dressed birthday guest.

If your child is into a particular movie, you may decide to dedicate the party costumes to be characters from the film. For example if your little boy is into the Simpson's then the guests could all dress as characters like Bart, Maggie Marge and Homer. Whereas, if the party is for your little girl the guests could arrive dressed as characters from a Disney princess film. No matter what the theme, one thing for sure is that all the guests will have fun.

But a fancy dress party needn't be difficult to pull off. Face painting is a great way to make your money go further. Simply have the children come to the party dressed as pirates or princesses and try a princess face painting design and a pirate face painting design to complete the fancy dress party ensemble to delight your party guests. The step by step guides help you to complete the finished product like a true professional and what’s more it's free.

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