A Christmas Party for the Kid's

Published : 06/12/2008 19:30:59
Categories : Seasonal Parties

With Christmas on the way and Saint Nick around the corner with his sleigh bells, what could be better than arranging a Christmas party for the kids and having a live Santa at the party? It'll be great, a simple dressing up outfit and a few old rags stuffed up the costume to give the appearance of a belly that has had one too many mince pies will help to give the kid's hours of Christmas party entertainment.

Might I add that you really do need a man to fill the costume of Santa as the voice needs to be somewhat realistic. Also making sure that the beard is well attached could avoid any Christmas party mess ups. Kid's these days are more curious and love to be inquisitive as to whether they have the real Santa in the room! A sack of pressies, a few minced pies and that's all you would need to keep the kids busy, that and a few party games. If you are really lucky the snow could kick in and help make the party truly authentic.....but I wouln't count on it! Oh and if you're feeling really generous, how about picking up a few party bags for the kids to take away as Christmas gifts.

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