A Cigar Party

Published : 13/01/2009 18:55:26
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

I was at a recent family function when, quite unexpectedly, I found myself in the middle of a cigar party.  Fortunately, I do enjoy a cigar from time to time, so I was able to stick around and enjoy the fun.  The starting point was, predictably enough, a bunch of guys sitting around talking. We had that covered.  Then, since we were all together for a specific purpose (wedding in two days) it made sense to celebrate.  One brother in law disappeared briefly, and then reappeared with a small box of cigars.  There were seven of us, and we all took one. There was a strategy here-it was summertime, we were outside, and the insects were bothering us. We explained to our wives that we were sacrificing ourselves to save them from the bugs.   We did not have enough lighters to go around, so another very resourceful gentleman found some candles.  The bugs soon disappeared under a cloud of blue-black smoke.  We figured out that something was missing from the party, and a couple of us fetched whisky and port. The cigars were small, and we nearly had a catastrophe when the cigars ran out before the whisky. Another brother in law sprang into action and brought out more cigars. These were different, and we were able to conduct the affair under the guise of a cigar sampling party. Not only were we saving our family from insects, we were educating our palates.   This little cigar party really got interesting when my sixteen year old nephew decided he wanted to join. He asked his father if he could have a cigar. His dad said yes, but only if he could smoke the whole thing. I give the kid credit-he managed to finish the cigar.  When he did finish, he was green, and sick. I felt bad for him, but after two cigars was glad that it wasn’t me!   Dennis

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