A Cocktail For Autumn - Here's To The Return Of Orion

Published : 10/10/2010 21:07:21
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If you have had the chance this weekend to stretch your legs and get out a bit then you'll have noticed that autumn is very much in evidence. Once again feet crunch on the silently gathering carpet woven by nature's unseen hand as trees claw nakedly at sunsets which seem almost to be competing with the gold and russet colours lost to the ground for another year. It's also a great time for enjoying a cocktail with a real kick!

It's a great time of year, because the children are all back at school, the cold has killed off the bugs, yet it's still mild and mostly dry. Evenings sitting on the patio with friends can be great, and with some of the year's best sunsets on offer, the backdrop isn't bad either. One of my favourite autumn cocktails is called a Rusty Nail, and fortunately has much less to do with DIY than it does good old Scottish water. A Rusty Nail cocktail provides a beautifully warm kick to help keep you warm as you relax under the stars, witnessing Orion's return to the night sky for the winter.

To make a Rusty Nail simply throw in a good handful of ice cubes into a traditional Whisky tumbler, then add 3/4 oz Scotch, followed by 1/4 oz Drambuie. One of the great things about this recipe is that if you have a really poor quality Scotch, add a little more Drambuie, but if you have a really good quality Scotch, reduce the amount of Drambuie (or just add more Scotch - my tactic every time!) Some people simply add one measure of Scotch and one measure of Drambuie - it really is a matter of personal taste. Certainly it's a perfect Autumnal cocktail, not least because of its beautiful golden glow.

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