A Cream Tea Party Isn’t one that Anyone Wants To Miss

Published : 20/06/2009 15:45:07
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The ideal time for a cream tea party is around four o'clock in the afternoon. Before even getting to this point however lets decide on what would be some perfect excuses for holding such a party. In all likeliness in today's day of age this would be an event most appropriate and favoured by the women. It's not likely the men would appreciate it to any great extent and most probably not, what the teens would class as a party. It would be the ideal setting for a small anniversary gathering.

If this is the case you could send out some very pretty invitations and do some light decorating with streamers and helium balloons easily purchased from an online party supplies shop.

Alternatively, it could be used as a monthly get together of friends or neighbours. Perhaps if there is, a group that belong to an association this would be the ideal way to enjoy oneself and get to the business of hand whatever the society pertains to.

One thing is for certain though you must be sure to make it an authentic cream tea party.

To begin with, the menu consists of a good pot of tea, a fruit scone, jam and huge helping of clotted cream. Now here are the stipulations for authenticity.

a) Ideally obtain your clotted cream from the West Country where it is reported as the best. b) A fruit scone still warm from the oven c) Raspberry or strawberry jam home made of course d) A good pot of tea

Whatever you do DON'T forget the clotted cream!!!

Combining all of these factors in just the right manner can only serve to make you the perfect hostess of a Cream Tea Party.

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