A Creepy Culinary Creation For A Truly Horrid Halloween

Published : 14/10/2010 23:09:12
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As promised, in today's blog post we're going to offer one of our many suggestions for creating the perfect Halloween party. First of all, two facts for you: the first fact which no one can deny is that kids love jelly. It is wobbly, usually a funny shape, and has nothing to do with vegetables. What's not to like? The second indisputable fact is that kids, particularly boys, love spiders. At least, they love being scared by spiders, or perhaps even more accurately, they love the idea of seeing their parents scared by spiders. So here's a suggestion. Why don't you make out a jelly for the Halloween party, probably green is the best choice of colour, but when you're making it throw in a handful of those jellied spiders and bugs which sweet shops seem to sell at this time of year. spidersweetMix up the sweet spiders and bugs into the jelly mixture and then leave in the fridge to set. What you end up with is a green jelly slime with a whole load of rather creepy spiders and bugs peering out at all angles.

Your kids will love it, but I wouldn't mention the idea to your dentist. As another suggestion, when you're laying the table with all your creepy culinary creations why not pick up a black plastic tablecover to really make everything stand out. Imagine a dimly lit room, black table, and the green jelly with spiders and bugs in it! It might not be Haute Cuisine, but Halloween is a time to let your hair down, and let the kids have a bit of fun. It only takes a few minutes, but like so many things for Halloween, it will almost certainly be very much appreciated.

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