A Dinosaur Party Theme

Published : 21/01/2009 13:43:10
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

This past summer, while visiting with his grandparents, my son got to watch the first Jurassic Park movie. He had been interested in dinosaurs before then, but the movie really captured his imagination. Since then we have visited the natural history museum so he could see real fossils up close. He is very excited about applying his new love of dinosaurs to a party for his friends. He cannot wait to host a dinosaur party.

We have done some dinosaur stuff at a party in the past, but this time there are very specific activities that he would like to include. He wants to have each kid make a dinosaur foot. Then we can all go outside and make footprints. We can fill the footprints with water, and make the water ripple just like in the movie. I asked what we should do if the weather was bad. He pointed out that in the movie the characters were out in the rain. I countered that with, we are not trying to escape an island where the wildlife is after us as its next meal. He agreed that I had a valid point. We figured that we could mix up some plaster of paris and make footprints in the house. He loved this idea, because then his guests would have something to take home from the dinosaur party.

We talked about some other things we should have at the dinosaur party. He liked the idea of round, hollow bubble gum with spots on the outside that could pass as dinosaur eggs. He also wants some fossil sweets that we can dig up and eat. And, no dinosaur party could be complete without a dinosaur cake. I just wonder how long it will take him before he tries to emulate the scene in the movie where the dinosaur eats the attorney.

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