A Disney Princess Birthday Party with a bouncy castle

Published : 28/01/2009 18:09:37
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Looking for a way to make your daughter's Disney Princess birthday party outshine all others? Well with some careful planning ahead of time, you can add in the perfect charms that will have your daughter and her guests talking for ages about your wonderful party.

For starters, you will want to head online and stock up on your basics such as Disney Princess party supplies like napkins, cups, and tablecovers. After all, coordinating all your little items is half the battle, but once you get the basic party supplies sorted you only need to grab a few more items to truly let your theme shine. As a nice additive, you may also want to pick up a few Disney Princess Foil balloons such as Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, or a Disney Princess Carriage foil balloon. What you pick will of course depend on which Disney Princess is your child's favourite.

The real fun, and the item that will set your Disney Princess birthday party apart from all others is the bouncy castle that you might consider renting for the day. An inflatable bouncy castle is a great piece of kit that will keep your guests busy and entertained throughout the party.   It is usually fairly easy to rent a bouncy castle that your daughter and her guests can call home for the afternoon and the delivery people will usually set the play piece up for you. This means that all you have to do is make sure that the children understand there is a limit on how many kids are allowed in at one time, but keep an eye out for any over enthusiastic play.

The bouncy castle will probably steal most of the thunder of your Disney Princess birthday party, but you will still want to make sure you have the perfect Cinderella Cake to round off the event.

One helpful hint, save the cake for the end of your Disney Princess birthday party right before the guests go home and pop slices into your party bags. In this way you will cut down on the likelihood of needing to wash the bouncy castle out at the end of your event – if you get what I mean!

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