A Disney Princess Party Theme

Published : 04/07/2009 19:40:47
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A Disney Princess party goes over very well with a large number of little girls and you can count on being surrounded by a dozen or so little princesses for the duration once the party begins. It's called a Disney Princess party because there are several different Disney princesses to choose from. Little girls can become anyone from Ariel to Snow White.

Most Disney Princess parties are simply not complete without a Cinderella Cake, party plates, or princess party bags. Of course, it is acceptable to invite little boys to the party, as there is nothing wrong with a prince among the crowd. If you plan accordingly, you should have enough special Disney party bags for both the princesses and the princes.

When you plan the Disney Princess party, remember that this is one time when there can't be too much of a single theme. Everything from Disney party cups all the way down to the pyjamas you pick out for the end of the night will most likely have something to do with the wonderful world of imagination, just as much as it will have to do with the colour pink.

Party Balloons can help set the royal mood of the house before your child’s guests start to arrive, and having a balloon on hand to give every child upon departure is a nice touch. Special Princess filled party bags with small gifts inside go over well.

You most likely already know which Disney princess is your child’s favourite, so finding a princess cake in the likeness of Cinderella or Princess Belle is an effort that pays off in delightful dividends all the way through the party.

Your princess is bound to have a blast with all the princess thought you have put into making her special day as perfect as possible. Bubbles, confetti, and the sparkle in her eye, probably will put a small tear in yours as she grow another year older.

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