A Doctor Who Party For Your Little Monsters

Published : 10/08/2011 13:26:54
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"Extermicake!" Better not let your children to near this Dalek birthday cake or they could find themselves vaporised!

Doctor Who has seen a massive revival over the past few years, with a whole new generation of children running about with sink plungers and egg whisks ready to take over the universe.

Once again the sofas have been pulled forward to allow for shorter members of the family to enjoy watching the TV series safe in the knowledge that no evil creature in the known universe has yet been able to fathom a way of getting through a Chesterton.

Whether your little ones are into David Tennant, Matt Smith or one of the previous incarnations of the most famous Time Lord in the universe, a Dr Who party can be a fabulous opportunity to get out the masks and have some fun. We have some fantastic Doctor Who Masks, including Cybermen and gas masks (from that particular creepy episode, 'The Empty Child' - just wait until all the children shuffle around asking 'Are you my mummy?') We also have a whole heap of Doctor Who themed balloons, all of which are ideal for filling up with helium to really help your party take off.

Choose from Daleks, the Tardis or a general themed balloon. We even have Dr Who party gift bags, ideal for handing out a few alien surprises. If you're having a Doctor Who party then why not theme the games too? Rather than pinning the tail on the donkey you could have pinning the plunger on the Dalek. 'What's the time Mr Wolf' could be 'Time to be deleted' with everyone wearing Cybermen masks, and of course musical statues (using the Doctor Who theme tunes of course) just has to be 'Musical Weeping Angels' - very scary! The only thing we can't help you with unfortunately is managing to make your living room bigger on the inside than the outside!

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