A Dog Grooming Party for Canine Friends

Published : 21/07/2009 16:29:32
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Putting together a dog grooming party is a fun way to make sure that your own dog gets the perfect grooming with all his puppy friends. For many people, this is a fun way to make sure that their own dog receives the vital attention to his coat and nails that can be overlooked when we have busy daily schedules. Dog grooming parties are great socialization periods for dogs while the humans leave with pristine and beautiful animals. Specialized dog grooming party invitations are a great way to kick start your event.

Setting up your dog grooming party isn't difficult. A few tables, an area for bathing, and some special dog grooming party accessories is often enough to get the ball rolling. Enlisting your more talented grooming friends to deal with hair cuts will help keep things moving nicely. Stuffing a few homemade dog treats into party bags for each dog is a great way to recognize how their good behaviour made your dog grooming party a success.

Moving from baths to grooming can be difficult without a dog dryer, so take some time out after everyone is fresh and clean to toast your party glasses to the new and improved canine population.

Often rotating puppies from one station to another can help keep things organized for your dog grooming party. Allowing people a little freedom to help out in their own way will usually get the job done faster and feeling a lot less like work than fun. At the end of the grooming session, why not bring out two doggie party cakes, one for the humans and one for the pooches? Using specialized dog recipes can help you prepare a feast for the pooches while giving your dog loving friends a nice treat at the end of the session.

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