A Fantastic Thomas Party

Published : 20/02/2009 07:28:36
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

I have two children. My son is eight, and my daughter is five (according to her she is five and a half-there is a big difference between being five and being five and a half). When my daughter was born, my sister in law gave my son a little wooden train engine. Little did we know that this would kindle a love affair with Thomas the Tank Engine that has lasted over five (five and a half) years so far.

We have Thomas toys and accessories everywhere and we have hosted a Thomas party theme for him for the last two years on the trot. As a gift to my son for his birthday party, my father and brothers made a huge table. They tried to send it home with us, but we could not fit it into the house, much less haul it. My son had so much fun making different track layouts that I eventually built a smaller table for him at home. We turned the final assembly and painting into a little party of our own.   Since then, my sister and her husband have had two children. Their oldest is a boy, just turned two years old. He has started his Thomas the Tank Engine collection too. When they last visited my parents, my brother in law measured the Thomas table, and later built one for his house that can expand or contract by adding or removing leaves. As the track layout grows, so can the table. We all have great fun watching the boys play trains together. They struggle to teach their grandmother the names of the engines, and the jobs they do.

For her son's second birthday, my sister had a Thomas the Tank Engine cake for his Thomas party theme. He enjoyed that more than the homemade cake she made. I am very happy to see my nephew enjoy Thomas so much, because now I have somewhere to ship my son's toys when he finally outgrows them.

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