A Few Ideas About Decorating Tables For Parties And Events

Published : 22/09/2011 14:05:08
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One of the easiest ways of transforming an ordinary table into something that look really special is by using table covers. These are often disposable paper or plastic table cloths which can add real flair and colour. For children there are many different themed table covers, although for parents who need to limit their budget you can often create a very effective look simply by using plain coloured table covers. For example, if you are wanting to create a pirate themed party because your child is heavily into Pirates of the Caribbean, then you may find that using a black table cover creates a great look.

Scatter a few gold coins and you'll quickly see a pirate theme appearing for a very low sum of money. It's also worth bearing in mind that some plastic table covers are reusable. They can be wiped clean and packed away for use another time, giving you extra value for money. But one thing that's easy to overlook is just how versatile plain colour table covers can be. One look at the range of table confetti currently available and it's easy to visualise the different looks you can achieve.

For example, if you were to scatter gold star table confetti across the black table cover then you're well on the way to creating a theme that's either great for Hollywood or outer space. With just one or two little additions, such as a trophy or bowl of green jelly, the theme becomes very clear, and very striking, yet costs just pence. Sometimes it's worth looking at less obvious combinations. For example, if you're planning a ruby wedding anniversary then you could go for a white table cover with red hearts table confetti, or 'Happy Anniversary' table confetti. This looks very good, but you could go for a red table cover with silver hearts, champagne flutes or 'Happy Anniversary' table confetti, and personally I think this combination of silver on red makes the whole thing stand out even better. Of course, you could whip out your black table cover again and sprinkle red hearts table confetti across it.

The shiny red, metallic table confetti on a black background looks extremely effective. It's often tempting to go for a white table cover when using table confetti, but to be honest colours can generate a much more effective overall look. Looking to hold a summer party with a tropical theme?

Then why not go for a yellow table cover with green palm trees scattered across it? The green on yellow gives an instant appearance of summer, heat, tropical islands and sand. Of course for children's parties without a specific theme you can go mad with bright colours such as orange or blue, with table confetti balloons or numbers.

Just remember that most table confetti is metallic foil, and shouldn't be used where very young children are around in case they accidentally swallow some. When thinking about decorating tables for parties or special occasions a table centre is often a good idea. One of the easiest and most effective things to do is to get some helium balloons, and use a themed balloon weight to hold them in the middle of the table. Just remember to make sure you include a long enough piece of string to enable the balloons to float high enough so that people sitting on opposite sides of the table aren't completely hidden from view! Unless of course, that's the whole idea...

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