A Fireworks Party with a Spring in the tail

Published : 22/03/2009 19:19:18
Categories : Seasonal Parties

Where we live, the snow is just starting to melt, finally. Happy Springtime! In our neighbourhood, get-together's are now starting to migrate outside. We are no longer trapped indoors. Both the kids and adults love this. In fact, the kids are now starting to look forward to an outdoor favourite-fireworks. It may seem too early in the year to be thinking about a fireworks party, and maybe for adults it is. For kids, the weather is finally warm enough to be outside after dark, especially when they don't have school the next day.

My kids actually prefer fireworks for later in the evening activities as opposed to bonfires. We stay away from the biggest and loudest fireworks (the loud ones scare me too), and have a strong preference for sparklers. We will often light the night with a coordinated display. We adults will set up a small area off to the side, to make sure nobody gets hurt. That would spoil the party! From this staging area, we light off our series of explosions, both on the ground and in the sky.

Some fireworks party nights will still get too cold before we finish, so we have a standby fireworks room setter that we hang over a window and decorate the walls with for when we all come back into the house. It's not the same as watching the real things outside, but it gives us a hint of what we will be able to see live once the weather gets just a little bit warmer. After all, summer is just around the corner, isn't it?

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