A five year old's take on Disney Princess Party Bags

Published : 16/01/2009 06:55:52
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My five year old daughter loves each and every Disney Princess. She has princess toys, princess makeup, princess wall stickers, coloring books, drinking cups, princess everything! She likes to dress up like a princess (Belle is her favourite). Every way that Disney can license something with a princess on it, my daughter has to have it. So, when the topic of her birthday comes up, it wasn't hard for her to figure out what kind of party she wanted to have.

When we teased her about having a football party, she very calmly explained that she discussed this with her princess dolls, and her cousins, and that she would have a Disney Princess party.  Her party would have Princess decorations, a Princess Belle cake, Disney Princess plates and cups, and of course Disney Princess party bags.   Intrigued, I asked her what we would put in the party bags. She pulled up a chair and sat down next to me to explain her vision. Apparently she had given this some serious thought. The Disney Princess party bags themselves had to have a picture of at least three Princesses on the front. To fill the bags, she would start with a sweetie bracelet. She figured this was the best thing, because you could wear it, then eat it. She then wanted to include a small hand-held mirror. I asked her if they had to be magic mirrors, and she pointed out that these were just TOY magic mirrors, for pretend. Real magic mirrors would cost too much and would be too big to put in party bags. She knew her guests would also love a small coin sequin purse with a Princess image on it. Disney Princess stickers were a must, because they could magically turn a non-princess toy into a princess toy just by putting the sticker on it.

These were the mandatory items. We could put more princess things in the party bags if we wanted to, but for her party these were the items that had to be included in the Disney Princess party bags!

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