A Go-Kart party theme

Published : 24/08/2009 08:27:18
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I'd like to share my Go-Kart party theme with you - only you, not them. Let me explain. The birthday party arms race continues to escalate. Literally, my eight and a half year old son plays on a football team with a group of boys. They have been playing together for three years, and seven different seasons. They have become great friends, and invite each other to their birthday parties. All of this is great so far, except that it has left us parents all struggling to make sure that the next party is at least as good, if not better than, the last one. To make matters worse, many of these boys have younger siblings that are right around the age of our six year old daughter. This means a double dose of who has the best birthday party.

Overall, this family interaction is good. However, we know that we must crush them in the birthday party competition. That’s where the go-kart comes in. Nobody has had a go-kart birthday yet. Our son's birthday is in December, so our plan is to find an indoor go-kart racetrack and host a party there. A quick online search showed that several tracks allow kids as young as three years old to ride along with an adult, so even those families with toddlers will be able to have fun. I am not so sure how the mums will do at the track, but most of the dads will have a blast pretending to be Formula One drivers.

No go-kart themed birthday party would be complete without a Go kart cake. We are planning the party bags too. Please keep in mind that this is our little secret. If you see the Fulchers, the Fosters, or the Lignells, don't tell them. This round of the birthday party arms race will be won at the race track. Top that, if you can!

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