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Published : 30/01/2009 07:59:14
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After my wife and I first got engaged, I took her to meet my grandmother and my great-grandmother. My great grandmother, Mimi, was in her mid 80's at the time, and lived with my grandmother. She was very excited to meet my fiance, and promised to throw a great party featuring her home cooking.

Mimi was Italian, and took great pride in her cooking. When I was younger, it was always a special treat to have her make something for us, because it was so delicious, and clearly made with love. We always had great parties around her table – a real family affair. Mimi also had a mannerism that I picked up. After tasting something for the first time, she would say "ah, boy" to indicate her approval. I still do that to this day, and have explained that I picked it up from Mimi to anyone who was curious enough to ask.

We went to this great party, and were hit by smells as soon as we walked in the door. It was a great reminder of childhood memories to me. My aunt and uncle were there too, as much to eat as to help serve the food. We had homemade Italian wedding soup, homemade spaghetti with homemade sauce, sausage patties with onions and peppers.   Mimi dished out a big helping of spaghetti, added some sauce, and said "ah, boy". I kicked my fiance under the table-proof that I had not made that story up. Throughout the rest of the meal Mimi sang Italian songs while she ate. I'm not saying she should star at the next Britain's got Talent party, but it was fun for us.

Mimi's health prevented her from attending our wedding, but we did get to visit again shortly after our son was born. We have a photograph of five generations together, and a video tape of Mimi holding our baby boy and singing Italian songs to him. I hope she stays well enough for him to have some memories of her, and experience at least just one great party and the home cooking she has always made for us with such love and attention.

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