A Hawaiian party theme for the winter

Published : 12/02/2009 18:27:15
Categories : Seasonal Parties

It's that time of year again, the time of year when the first snow is no longer pretty and it seems as if spring will never come again. However, just because the weather is gloomy does not mean you have to, so why not throw a spring fling luau Hawaiian party and bring some cheer into the air of your life and your friends!

Planning your luau party is actually a lot easier than it may seem. First you of course will want to head online as each of your guests will want a lei as they walk into the door. While online you also may want to buy some Hawaiian party invites and send them out to your friends with the personalized invitation to come in out of the cold and get laid!

You also will need to add a few special Hawaiian party supplies to your list like foil palm trees and plastic champagne flutes. The foil trees are of course for decoration to lure your guests into thinking they have ventured onto a beach, and the flute glasses are so you can fill your guests with sweet strawberry daiquiris to take the chill out of the air!

Finally, no Hawaiian party is complete without some Bob Marley playing in the background and a barbeque for the guests. So unless you are ordering your party buffet from a caterer, you will want to brush the snow off of the patio and grill up some tasty delights! Go on, it's great fun. Once the food hits your party plates, and the drink warms their cockles, your guests will forget all about the cold snowy winter and they will love it…I guarantee it.

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