A Jungle Party for little Monkey's

Published : 22/03/2009 12:04:34
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

My kids have animal natures. Just after my eight year old son was born, he tried to climb up over my shoulder, so I called him my monkey. My five and a half year old daughter snuggled up against me and fell asleep. She is my puppy. Over the years, my son especially has stayed true to his monkey nature. He still climbs on everything he possibly can. When I call him monkey, he will often respond with monkey gestures and sounds. Given this, it made total sense for him to ask us if he could have a Jungle party.

He has been playing on a football team with a group of boys for three years now. They are all great friends, and do a lot together. The entire team gets invited to each other's birthday parties and other events. So, his presentation of the jungle party idea started out with him talking to us about how he really does act like a monkey sometimes. His football mates love to run around, and will chase and tackle each other. He could invite them over to the house, and they could all pick a favourite animal. He would be a chimpanzee, of course, but the other boys would be free to pick any other animal that they would like to be.

The boys would have to pick their animals ahead of time, he then figured, so they could dress appropriately. Face paints would complete the look.

I asked him if they would hunt each other for food at his jungle party, and he said they would pretend to, but would really just rather have mum make something and put it in wild animal food boxes. He told me not only would this be neater, but less likely to upset the neighbours.

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