A Just Because Party

Published : 20/01/2009 20:01:35
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

The children were off from school for the holiday season. I had some time off from work. We had attended Christmas parties, birthday parties, New Year parties, and an emergency party. We had a streak going where every single day during the break we had some party to attend. After the emergency power outage party, we looked at the calendar and realized that we had a one-day gap in parties that would break the streak.   This was clearly not acceptable, so we had to have a small party on that day. We did not need an explicit theme, so we called it a Just Because Party. Just because we wanted to keep our streak of consecutive parties going. This would be a small party-just the four of us.

So, what constitutes a party, instead of just a lunch? Well, parties are special. They have decorations. We didn't want to buy anything, so we decided to use the kids’ toys as party decorations. My daughter invited her Disney princesses. My son invited his collection of Thomas the Tank Engine trains. Several years ago my son made the observation that it's not really a party without cake, so we knew we had to have cake. We decided on a Spencer cake, in honour of one of our guests. My wife pointed out that this particular cake would serve a lot of guests, and that our Disney princesses and Thomas engines were not known as big cake fanciers. I knew this was true, but also figured that I would be able to take some cake to work with me for days to come.

We played a game where we sat a princess on top of a train engine and raced them across the floor. The princess that made it the farthest without falling off was the winner. The engine that went the farthest was a winner. It was a great impromptu Just Because party, and it kept our consecutive days streak going.

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