A kids Hiking Party

Published : 21/02/2009 13:34:26
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My daughter and a group of her school friends decided that they were going to go on an expedition this past summer. She had seen some show on television about stalking wild animals in the bush, and figured out that she could lead a team of five and six year old girls. She took it for granted that some adults would come along, to carry party supplies and food boxes. She was leading us into wild, uncharted territory, but not without a decent meal.

I know the parents of the girls she was planning on inviting to her hiking party. I contacted them, and explained what my daughter had in mind. I also volunteered to be the backup navigator and porter. My daughter and I mapped out a route, figured out what we were going to explore for, and, of course, where we would pause the hike for drinks, snacks, and the hiking party itself.   She had originally planned on six girls coming along on the hike. One was not able to go. The father of another girl volunteered to come along, so I would not be so outnumbered. We set out mid-morning on our trek. The weather was cool and dry, and we were able to observe birds and plants. We took some soil and seed samples, all the while maintaining a watchful eye for lions.

We had a great hike, and the only things that were eaten were the snacks we brought. One girl had the beginnings of a blister, but stuck it out. We kept reminding her that if she did not keep up with us the jackals or hyenas might get her. All of the girls knew we were kidding, but they bravely stayed in character. This is definitely the kind of hiking party we would do again.

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