A kid's tattoo swapping party

Published : 21/02/2009 20:31:21
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

Several of my young adult nieces and nephews have tattoos. My brother and his wife both have tattoos. So our kid's are around tattoos, and aware of them, but not interested in them. Or so I thought.   One of our nephews has a large tribal tattoo on his left arm. My eight year old son thought it was really cool, and started a conversation with his cousin about it. My five year old daughter joined in and asked why he had a tribal tattoo instead of a princess. Then, she figured out that the younger kids should have a tattoo party. My nephew pointed out that tattoos are permanent, and maybe they should have a fake tattoo party instead of a real tattoo party. The kids thought this was a brilliant idea. They were able to find entire sheets of themed fake tattoos. Years ago, my son was very fond of Thomas the Tank Engine and his characters, so he was especially excited to find Thomas tattoos. My daughter found some princess tattoos. They started on their party guest list next. The plan was, every guest had to come with a fake tattoo to trade. Kids would swap until everyone had the tattoo they wanted. If a kid couldn't find one he was interested in, dad (that's me) would be on standby with a set of felt pens to draw the right tattoo. I am not sure why I was chosen as the artist-have they not seen some of my drawings in the past? I am not the guy you want drawing on your skin. I am looking forward to this party. It sounds like a lot of fun. I know the kids they are inviting, and I think when all of the trading and drawing is done, I can scare them by explaining that real tattoos use needles!

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